Mitsubishi Motability

CCR Motor Co - providing Mitsubishi Motability across the South-West

Mitsubishi new cars are ideal choices for Motability buyers. CCR Motor Co dealerships are fully trained in the Motability Scheme and can demonstrate the perfect new Mitsubishi cars whatever your circumstances.

CCR Motor Co knows what Mitsubishi’s customers are looking for and we are committed to helping and supporting them throughout the ownership experience. We are here to support Mitsubishi Motability customers in all areas of ownership, including servicing and maintaining their cars.

Our Mitsubishi Motability experts promise to take time for you. We will fully explain how the scheme works, and guide you through the various new car Contract Hire, new car Hire Purchase and used car Hire Purchase buying options. We will also show you the perfect Mitsubishi cars for your Motability needs.

Contact CCR Motor Co to speak with one of our Motability experts. We will do all it takes to create you the best package in all things Motability.

Motability FAQ

How does it work?

Disabled people can use their Higher Rate Mobility Component Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement to meet the cost of leasing a vehicle. Once the application is accepted, they pay all, or part of their allowance to Motability for the period of the agreement.

There are a number of options open to those that qualift for the motability scheme. Customers can choose a new car every three years with insurance, road tax, servicing, tyres and breakdown cover all included. A wide range of adaptations are also available.

Mitsubishi Motability Headline Offers

Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel

From £1999 Advance Payment

Free Parking Sensors

Mitsubishi Mirage

From NIL Advance Payment

Free Parking Sensors

Mitsubishi ASX

From NIL Advance Payment

Free Parking Sensors