New Mitsubishi L200

New Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
  • Modern engine
  • High spec
  • Impressive economy
  • Excellent towing and capacity figures
  • Tax benefit if business vehicle
  • What Van? Pick Up Of The Year 2016
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Mitsubishi L200

When you consider the accolades the latest L200 has received, it would be hard to argue against Mitsubishi’s claim that this is the best pick-up on the market. When it comes to load bed and trailer capacity, the L200 is way ahead of the competition. What’s more, it can switch from fuel-efficient 2WD to all-conquering 4WD with the greatest of ease. The only pick-up with variable valve timing, an all aluminium diesel engine also makes this the most powerful and economical L200 yet. In addition to its utilitarian underpinnings, the L200 works as an everyday vehicle too, thanks to a sleek yet muscular design, numerous safety features, a comfortable cabin, and intelligent infotainment system.

L200 Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Capacity


Along with Trailer Stability Assist, which makes towing safer than ever before, the L200 has a total load capacity of 4,090kg, the best of any pick-up truck in the segment.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Versatility


Once again, the L200 is one-of-a-kind in terms of driving versatility, as it is the only pick-up that can drive in 2WD or 4WD on any terrain or in any environment.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Power


All variants of the latest L200 come with Mitsubishi's 4N15 turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, which is lighter than the previous model but still packs plenty of punch.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Efficiency


Not only is the L200 capable of travelling over 700 miles on a single tank of fuel, it will also achieve 42.8MPG, saving you hundreds of pounds at the pumps each year.


Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series

More Features

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Manoeuvrability


In spite of its size, the L200 remains incredibly manoeuvrable in tight spaces thanks to an improved steering ratio and a turning radius of just 5.9 metres.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Safety


The L200 features a wide range of safety features including seven airbags, emergency stop signal, hill start assist, adjustable speed limiter, lane departure warning, Bi-Xenon headlights, and LED daytime running lights.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Comfort


For the perfect driving position, you can change the height and angle of the steering wheel with tilt and telescopic adjustment, while the lock-to-lock ratio is now just 3.8 turns.
Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Entertainment


Mitsubishi’s multifunctional navigation system clearly shows maps and music on a big touchscreen display, which also relays images from the rear-view camera when reversing.

L200 Colours

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Polar White

Polar White

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Cosmos Black

Cosmos Black

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Aztec Red

Aztec Red

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Atlantic Grey

Atlantic Grey

Mitsubishi L200 5 Series - Available in Amazon Green

Amazon Green

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Latest Offers
What Car?
Mitsubishi has given its L200 a winning recipe of butch looks, decent off-road ability and serious carrying and towing capabilities – exactly the sort of credentials its buyers are looking for
What Car?
If you’re looking for a pick-up to use as a working vehicle, then the L200 is a great candidate. It’s good value, practical, easy to drive, comparatively comfortable and better than its rivals in many areas
Auto Express
The latest Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck sets new standards in the UK pick-up class.
Auto Express
New Mitsubishi L200
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